Tesla’s New Vehicles: Tech Practical For My Family?

Tesla’s New Vehicles: Tech Practical For My Family?

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Tesla’s new vehicles are practical for your family. There are many questions that a lot of people have about electric cars. A lot of people have heard that that is the future I must admit before I recorded the episode, I was skeptical about the future of electric cars. Is a future with electric cars being the predominant transportation even realistic? That was a real question that I had going into my conversation with actor Dusty Cash for my episode with him for The History Voyager Podcast.

Mr. Cash said that when he bought his car it was about a 6-month lead time between actually ordering and delivering. He bought a $400 home charging unit for his vehicle in that time. There’s also an optional pedestal for around $425. The vehicle will charge at home at a rate of 44 miles per hour on the charger. The Tesla Supercharger will charge a vehicle 200 miles in 15 minutes.

I think the most important feature of the Tesla vehicle is the fact that there is a way to plan your route on the dash via touch screen so that you may travel in the vicinity of chargers. The destination charger is much more common than the supercharger. It tends to be around hotels, shopping and restaurants.

EVGo, Tesla’s Supercharger: What are the Differences?

Tesla superchargers are not nearly as common as Tesla destination chargers. However a destination charger only offers about 44 Mi of range per 1 hour of charge. This is to me the weak point in the dominance of electric cars today. In order for them to be much more common there are going to need to be more superchargers I would think. As I look at the website with the destination Chargers I’m impressed by the number of destination Chargers that I see. However, in studying the website more closely, I see that each business only has between two and six Outlets most of the time. If you’re charging for an hour for 44 miles that could potentially be a long wait. However this technology is in early days. And those of us who have seen changes around things like smartphones, cord cutting, things like apps to move money around, as well as a whole host of other things that pretty much every adult today has seen. We all see that change starts out slowly and then builds and builds when it comes to technology.

Are electric cars cheaper to operate than gas cars? The answer is yes, electric cars are cheaper to operate and gas cars. First of all an electric car according to Dusty Cash costs less than $14 to charge. and his Tesla Model y Pro has about a 350 Mi charge for a full charge. That’s comparable to a 2022 Toyota Camry. That’s a significant payment over time.

Cash’s Tesla never needs an oil change. He said there’s no need to get it serviced for the first 10 years of life! Imagine a car with no repair bills or oil changes.

Right now Tesla has a fleet of about 2 million cars. I think that is going to grow in the next few years. The timeline that Ford and General Motors have put out is within 5 years you will see a much more predominant role for the electric car on the American Highway.

Global Events Powering Tesla’s Surge

Russia’s war with Ukraine highlights National Security and energy. The war in Europe will obviously be a long slog. Russia has already stopped the flow of oil to Europe. This will necessitate alternative energy sources for businesses, homes, vehicles as well as churches and hospitals and such.

I truly think that this war between Ukraine and Russia is going to kick off a renewed interest in renewable and alternative energy sources. The United States is going to have to export oil to Europe. This is going to drive up demand at the American Gas Pump. I’m glad to see that there is a viable alternative coming to the American Consumer. I see Mr Cash as somebody who is in a way a revolutionary. My great-grandmothers used horse drawn wagons to get around. Gasoline to them was as revolutionary as electrically powered vehicles seem to many of us.

The entry of American car manufacturing giants Ford and General Motors are only going to escalate the change. When Mr Cash said that it would take 5 years, as surprising as that was to me at the time, I think even that was being conservative. Dodge is unveiling a very sporty electric vehicle in 2023. The Ford F-150 Lightning Edition is due out the same year. That will create more demand then Tesla with its impressive but small Manufacturing capability can keep up with.

I could see dining options in gas stations improve. There’s no reason that restaurants wouldn’t include charging stations as a way to draw in customers.

Many people are concerned about the electric car. However Mr Cash’s conversation with me Illustrated to me the practical aspects of the car I hadn’t even considered. What I really appreciate about the coming years is that Tesla will have more competition. This will drive down the cost of the vehicle. Charging in a Tesla slot is now free.

EVGO and Chargepoint does cost however. It is important to understand that Tesla chargers only work for Tesla vehicles. If you do not have a Tesla vehicle you will need to use a Chargepoint or evgo charging station. EVGo can cost from $0.25 a kilowatt hour all the way to 34 cents a kilowatt hour. Chargepoint is the largest Network, but it is the slowest of the charge.

Based purely on that I would say that perhaps the Tesla is the best electric vehicle of the available ones on the market today.